Let’s not beat around the bush here, electric vehicles are the future. As a country, the faster we can make the switch to EV, the faster we can see the benefits to our lives and the environment. We recognise that the minefield of switching to EV is daunting for some, so we created Fleet-e. We are able to provide a massive range of electric cars and electric vans with all the associated advice and variety you might not get from a dealership.

We are also a Bridle franchise and have also worked with partners to put together industry leading business options and ancillary services to make the switch nice and smooth. From choosing your EVs through our salary sacrifice product to installing the associated charge infrastructure – we can help!

So now that you’ve decided to switch to EV, give us a call on 03330 169 630. We’ll give you the jargon free advice on making that switch as stress free as possible!