Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is the new kid on the block and is soaring in popularity. By paying for your EV lease directly through your pay check you can effectively chop off up to half of your monthly motoring costs compared to a personal lease and our solution includes everything, YES EVERYTHING! Our options include all insurance, maintenance, RFL and no credit check for the company. And it’s not just for company top execs. You can roll out a Salary Sacrifice scheme as a benefit to all your employees so everyone can enjoy an electric car or hybrid car and save thousands a year at the same time.

We are the Salary Sacrifice experts. We've got a dedicated team who can talk you through it, calculate your bespoke savings and even get it set up within your business. We have a dedicated system which we can set your company up with all employees having their own login and can then choose their; own vehicles, calculate their own tax implications and configure their finance options.

Why make the change?

Choosing an Electric or Hybrid vehicle ensures very low company car tax – maximising the income tax savings!

Comprehensive rules in place to ensure Employers are not liable for Early Terminations.

Scheme is web based, meaning very little admin for employer

VAT Savings for VAT registered businesses

Allows employees access to Fleet discounts (or increasingly, salary sacrifice specific discounts)

Encourages employees to drive low or zero emission vehicles.

HMRC compliant agreements includes insurance, maintenance, RFL and delivery.

Get in touch now for your free online demonstration and one of the team can discuss with you the benefits of our salary sacrifice product.